Community Events (#SCW)

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About #SCW (Shibuya CBD/Cannabis Week)

Before and After November 2nd (Thursday) to 3rd (holiday), it's Shibuya CBD/Cannabis Week (#SCW)!
Centered around Tokyo's Shibuya, various CBD/cannabis-related events are scheduled to take place one after another.
Whether you're a business professional, a consumer, an expert, or someone with just a passing interest, we believe it will be a worthwhile experience for everyone. So please, come and join us in Shibuya! (Actually, the event will be held not only Shibuya, but also all over Japan)

Main Event

#SCW Community Events

From events organized by various embassies to film festivals, there's an abundance of diverse events related to CBD/hemp! Please check the details on each respective page and join us 😁

Hashtag #SCW

Please share your experiences and thoughts on the events using the hashtag #SCW
Let's together elevate the world of CBD/hemp🔥!

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