CBD Journey

🌎 What is CBD Journey?

The largest Japan’s exhibition/festival focused on CBD (Cannabidiol) and Hemp. Journey is a continuous series of encounters, discoveries, and experiences. This is a place to realize diverse encounters, discoveries, and experiences with CBD/Hemp, just as one would on a journey.

💡 Background Story

Recently, CBD has been gaining rapid popularity as an ingredient for health, beauty, and relaxation. Products like CBD oil, CBD vape, CBD gummies, CBD beer, and CBD balm are being introduced daily. Against the backdrop of an increased emphasis on well-being due to the COVID-19 pandemic, CBD is drawing significant attention in Japan as well.
In the nascent stage of the CBD industry, we believe there's significance in bringing together ambitious CBD businesses and those newly interested in CBD, among various other players in the sector. We aim to create a platform for dialogues and experimentation that will spark synergistic effects (known as the "entourage effect") through diverse interactions and discussions, driving the entire industry toward further growth.

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Amidst the worldwide progression of cannabis legalization, movements to revise the Cannabis Control Act in Japan have begun for the first time in 74 years. The General Incorporated Association Green Zone Japan will host the second CannaCon symposium in a panel discussion format, inviting relevant stakeholders to discuss the possibilities and challenges of cannabis use in Japan in the three areas under consideration. This will be held concurrently with CBD Journey Vol.5.
More details about the Sessions and the Speakers👇
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